The Church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields is an Episcopal parish in the Diocese of Pennsylvania that is centered on the worship of God, the ministry of all baptized persons, and the call to be agents of Christ’s love in the world.
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Church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields
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The Rev. W. Jarrett Kerbel

Christian Formation

The purpose of Christian formation within the faith community is to provide an environment of learning and reflection for all ages which encourages inquiry and discernment, fosters compassion and courage, invites deeper knowledge and love of God, and enhances a lively sense of joy and wonder in creation, to the end that the people of God of all ages are better prepared to love and to serve in the world as the Body of Christ.

Christian faith and the process of formation are close companions. Wherever there is living faith, there is a community that endeavors to know, understand, live, and witness to that faith. This process of formation occurs as the community gathers for worship and ministers to those in need. It also occurs through the process of study and engaging the stories and traditions of our faith with our own stories.

The educational offerings of the Christian Formation program at St Martin’s are designed to encompass the seven canonical areas of study established by the Episcopal Church. First and foremost is Scripture, the foundation on which all other study is grounded. Theology, church history, liturgics, ethics, ministry, and issues confronting contemporary society round out the areas of focus.

As you will notice paging through the brochure, there are many choices! Most are either series or short courses; several are longer in length. It is our hope that you will find something of interest and will choose offerings that work with your schedule.

Welcome to the journey!

Christian Formation Opportunities