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St. Martin's Refugee Resettlement Ministry logoLaunched in 2016, the Refugee Resettlement Ministry at St. Martin’s was created out of concern by several members of the parish about the global refugee crisis, particularly coming out of Syria.

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Update: February 9, 2017

How you can help the Dahan family feel settled in their new home

The Dahans, originally from Syria, arrived in Philadelphia a few days before Christmas. In just a few months’ time they have fully furnished housing; are learning about American currency and how to shop at grocery stores; are beginning to speak English, thanks to ESL (English as a Second Language) interpreters arriving at their house 6 days a week. The list goes on.

So much of what we’ve accomplished has to do with relationships and partnerships. Parishioners at St. Paul’s in Chestnut Hill, Jake and Betsy Roak and Sue Proud, have been active partners with us. They continue to work with us even now that the Mwajumas, a family from the Congo which St. Paul’s is hosting, has arrived. Cynthia Echewa from New Covenant Church has continued on our medical team, while New Covenant also supports St. Paul’s ministry. If one of us can’t help, we find someone who can and they generously join our helping network.

Please scan this list to see what way/s you might be part of the Dahans’ transition team, helping them become independent.

Finding the Dahans an apartment in the North East
It is important to the Dahans to move to Northeast Philadelphia, near the heart of the Syrian community. To help them find housing there you might:

    * Contact everyone you know who is in real estate,
    * Take on 3-4 realtors in the NE and call them repeatedly to see if there are new listings,
    * Drive Dahans to an apartment to see if it can work out.

Contact: Marnie Kerr at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or Mary Hopkins at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Finding Sameer a job
Sameer has secured a temporary job at the Trolley Car Diner in Mt. Airy baking desserts and cleaning. With the possibility of a move to the Northeast, and without reliable transportation, he’ll need employment in their new neighborhood.

    * Call friends and acquaintances to pick their brains about possible employers in the NE. He’s willing to work hard and loves to bake. He has experience as both a tailor and a baker; some of us have tasted his baklava!
    * Drive Sameer to a job interview.

Contact: Leni Windle with your employment ideas and questions at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Supporting the family’s health
Like any family with young children, the Dahans need medical support. Einstein Medical Center, on Old York Road, has an excellent clinic for refugees. Young Ayman has particular health challenges that require frequent check-ups. We are looking for:

    * People to drive family members to the clinic for periodic screenings and doctor visits.

Contact: Susan MacBride at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Introducing the family to our city’s people and cultural treasures
An important aspect of resettlement is “social integration”— introducing Sameer, Majidah, Ayman and Iman to the treasures and amenities of our wonderful city. Visits to the Arboretum or the Franklin Institute, for example, are fun, instructive and virtually free for the family, thanks to “access passes” through Art-Reach Philadelphia. We are looking for:

    * Friendly guides to drive and accompany family members to fun outings and take a photo or two on the visit to share with the parish community.
    * How about arranging some teas with the Dahans and 5-6 adults and children to meet at St. Martin’s about 4:00 p.m., after children are out of school?

The Dahans are a lovely family with two adorable children. You’ll enjoy your time with them and they will be immensely grateful!
Contact: Catherine Martin at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or Amanda Moseley at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


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Additional Ways to Help and Learn More

Do Your Speak Arabic and/or Teach ESL?

    The Dahan family speaks Arabic, and are quickly picking up English thanks to ESL volunteers. If you or someone you know speaks Arabic or can teach English as a second language, please email Hal Taussig at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). We will add you to our list of translators/interpreters or teachers who can assist them in learning English.

Can You Drive?

    Would you be willing to be available to transport the family at times, e.g., for medical appointments, to buy groceries, to look at new apartments, etc.? If so, please email Susan Cole at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). We will add you to our list of drivers. Of course, it will up to you to say yes or no to specific transportation needs.

Pray Unceasingly

    We also appreciate your prayers for this ministry. Please keep the Dahans, the Mwajumas, Samra, the Syrian college student, Mohamad, the Syrian high school student, our partners at Bethany Christian Services, St. Paul’s Episcopal, New Covenant Church, Trolley Car Diner, and all the members of St. Martin’s Refugee Resettlement Committee in your prayers.


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*Your generosity has outstripped our ability to record it. Bethany requires that we submit monthly logs of service and donations by volunteers. This is crucial to their grant writing for funding. Please enter information in the Google Sheets log below. For all the outpouring of your generosity in the past and future, thank you so much. - Marnie Kerr, chair.

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With deep gratitude for the generosity of our parish community and our Refugee Resettlement Ministry we are happy to share that St. Martin’s is sponsoring a Syrian student named Samra who is currently attending LaSalle University. Our Community Engagement Committee, with the approval of the Vestry, made an $8,000 contribution toward her college tuition for 2016-2017 which will allow her to get an H-1 Student Visa and continue her education. Samra has a personal story that is full of resourcefulness in her long journey from Homs, Syria, through Beirut, Lebanon, to Turkey where she now resides. We will keep you informed about her progress and other opportunities to support her. Please see the “Friends of Samra” Facebook page as one source of information.


Mohamad is a 17-year-old Syrian high school student who is living with one of St. Martin’s parishioners in order to attend a local high school. Mohamad and his mother fled Homs when he was 14, and though he did not attend school until the fall of 2015 when he enrolled in a private school for Syrian refugees in Istanbul, he is very bright. Donors from the UK have paid his tuition because they have noticed he is gifted. Although he missed several years of formal education, Mohamad is wise, well-read and articulate. When he took the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) he scored way above the 80 required for La Salle University: 106. He’s also a typical 17 year old: at times he seems like a huge Irish setter puppy, especially when he is feeling joyful and childlike. Other times he is serious, like Portrait of the Artist as a young man. Thanks to the support of the Refugee Resettlement Ministry and the broader St. Martin’s community, we have been able to support Mohamad with necessary school supplies, medical care, and a caring home to return to each day.

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Supporting Partners

New Covenant Church
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Trolley Car Diner


We greatly thank you for your ongoing support of this ministry and for refugees around the world.

St. Martin’s Refugee Resettlement Committee
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