Voter Engagement 2014

POWER Post-Election Update 11.5.14

Thank you to those who participated in POWER’s ambitious get-out-the-vote campaign. We targeted primarily people of color living in underserved communities who do not typically vote in off-year elections. POWER brought us sophisticated voter-targeting predictive dialing technology to connect with and build relationships with voters. POWER does not endorse any particular candidates. Instead we are educating voters about the importance of holding elected officials accountable to the needs of minority communities in Philadelphia, particularly pertaining to school funding and living wages.

Our phoners asked those we spoke with to answer two questions: “Do you think elected officials should make funding our public schools fairly a top priority?” and “Would you join me and commit to vote on November 4?” With those questions, St. Martin’s elicited 596 voter commitments!! As well as 184 who signed pledge cards. Marvelous!! The next nearest congregation scored 360 commitments!

POWER believes that when we as neighbors unite around our core values, we become a community where everyone votes. We make our voices heard and we start making elected officials pay attention to us!

So many people helped out, it was hard to keep track. Here is the list we captured. Apologies to any we missed.
Jeanne Allen, Taylor Anderson, Jess Ballenger, Barb Ballenger, Justina Barrett, Anita Clattenburg, Terry Clattenburg,  Carol Duncan, Pamela Gabell, Angelique Gravely, Rena Graves, Edgett Hilimire, Pamela Hilimire, Tim Kerbel, Susan MacBride, Pam MacDonald, Joan Menocal, JoAnn Miles, Jill Monahan, Teresa Parris, Al Pearson, Sarah Pearson, Sara Perine, Martha Repman, Deborah Schaaf, Patricia Silva, Nino Silva, John Tuton, MacDonald Vaughn, Helen White, Leni Windle.

St. Martin’s to Help POWER Campaign for a Living Wage & Economic Justice at the Airport & Beyond

Our Voter Engagement Project with POWER begins in earnest on Sunday, April 6. We will be phoning and canvassing registered voters who vote infrequently in primaries. Targeting these households will prove that POWER can pass a ballot question on behalf of low income city residents. On May 20 the ballot question is to raise the minimum wage for city subcontracted workers to $10.88 an hour plus benefits. These workers are currently making an average of $8.00 an hour, and get no sick pay or vacation leave. In order for the higher wage to go into effect, the City Charter must be amended. In the primary election on May 20th, the issue appears as a ballot question which must be approved by a majority of the voters voting. If passed, the change goes into effect in all new and renewed city contracts. That has led us to our effort of calling on voters to educate them about the ballot question and to urge them to commit to vote on May 20th.

In addition, we are asking voters whether the issue of a full, fair funding formula for PA Public schools is important to them. If it is, we ask voters to look at the gubernatorial candidates through that lens. The next governor has the potential to help families and kids in public schools across the state get a better education.

Our city is the poorest of the ten largest cities in the country. We can make a step to raise wages for some low wage workers and improve schools throughout the state by taking time this spring to focus on getting the vote out on May 20th with both these issues in mind.

St. Martin’s has pledged to bring 400 infrequent voters to the polls. Our outstanding Voter Education Team is led by Susan MacBride and Helen Marter who have experience from presidential campaigns. The Logistics Leaders, to make sure workers have what they need, are Terry and Anita Clattenburg. The Phone Bank Lead is Jo Ann Miles. The Canvass Lead is Carol Duncan. The Data Lead is Ned McCook.

Phone and Canvass banks are scheduled for Sunday April 6 and 27, plus Saturday April 26, then the first three Sundays in May from 1:00 to 4:00 with a lunch at 12:30. Additional phone banks will be held Wednesday April 9 and 23, then May 7 and 14 from 7:00 to 9:00 at St. Martin’s.

POWER is a non-partisan multifaith organization of 41 houses of worship working to create a city with opportunity for all. Please join us.

Download the Voter Engagement One Pager
Download the commitment pledge card

POWER Phone Bank Events:

Phone banks: 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. April 9, 23, and May 7 and 14.
Phone and Canvass banks: 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. April 6, 27, and May 4, 11, and 18.

Sign up for phone or canvassing here.

Team St. Martin: 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. March 13, 27, April 10, 24, and May 8. Houston Room.

ALL of us and our friends must get to the polls on May 20. A decisive victory will help ensure that companies with city contracts cannot skirt the living wage provision, and thus assure the extension of the higher wage standards to thousands more workers at the Airport and beyond.

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